Licenses & Permits


Bartender (Operator's) License

  • Application Form: Generic Application for Operators License
  • Fee Schedule: $10.00 per license plus $7.00 criminal history check; provisional license $5.00 more
  • License Period: License period runs from 7/1 to 6/30
  • Due date: Applications are considered at regular board meetings (2nd Wednesday of the month); therefore, applications must be received one week in advance of the meeting
  • Send to: Town Clerk

Alcohol (Retailer's) License

  • Application Form: See Dept of Revenue Website
  • Fee Schedule: $100 for beer license; $500 for alcohol license. Applicant must also pay background fee of $7.00 per owner/manager plus publication fee
  • License Period: License period runs from 7/1 to 6/30.
  • Application Deadline: Application must be received at least 15 days prior to Board action on the application
  • Send to: Town Clerk

 Cigarette, Tobacco & Vapor Products License

  • Application Form: New in 2024; CTV 100-102; See Dept of Revenue Website
  • Fee Schedule: $10 for license
  • License Period: License period runs from 7/1 to 6/30.
  • Application Deadline: None. Applications accepted year-round
  • Send to: Town Clerk

Dog License

  • Application Form: Dog License Application
  • Laws: Dog License Laws
  • Fee Schedule: $12.00 for a dog that is NOT spayed or neutered; $5.00 for a dog that is spayed or neutered
  • Late Fees: $10.00 late fee if license obtained after 4/1 or after 30 days of acquiring ownership if after 4/1
  • Application Deadline: April 1st
  • Send to: Treasurer


Town Hall Permit Application

  • Application Form: Town of Milton Application for Use of Town Hall
  • Other Requirements:  Use of Town Hall for private events is not allowed; see application for more requirements
  • Send to: Clerk. To ensure that the space is available for your requested time, contact the Town Clerk PRIOR to completing the application form.

Fireworks Permit

  • Application Form: Fireworks Permit Application
  • Law: Fireworks Permit Law
  • Fee Schedule: No fee
  • Due Date: One week prior to event; fire/law enforcement officials must be notified in advance
  • Other:  Specific list of fireworks must be provided
  • Send to: Chairperson


Driveway Permit Application